Class descriptions

Back care – Iyengar Yoga Foundations – Mid-section – Śīrṣāsana – Sarvāṅgasana

Descriptions coming soon

Pre-requisites to participate to the intermediate course (Monday 7 am-8.30am) *

Open to all those who meet the following criteria:

  • 2 years minimum of uninterrupted and regular practice with Lou / Rajhas (or an Iyengar yoga teacher)
  • Have all the following accessories, needed for this course:
    • a chair (any chair will do),
    • 1 bolster
    • 4 blankets
    • 2 belts
    • 2 bricks
  • show great attention to detail
  • measure the importance of a clear and organized set-up
  • be able to follow the instructions and stay with the flow of the class
  • have basic knowledge of how to take care of yourself
  • be prepared to practice sirsasana and sarvangasana (or know the substitutes), as well as adho mukha vrksasana, long sessions of savasana, and pranayama).