Experiential Anatomy and Movement Class with Patricia Videgain

Unlike specific seminars where we have a course to follow, the class will focus on Experiential Anatomy, Movement and Yoga as an ongoing subject of study and discussion.

1. We will begin with the head, as a complex structure that houses the skull brain, the sensory nervous system, the beginning of the digestive tract, respiratory pathways, and more.

2. We will move into the neck and throat region, looking at structure and function.

3. Moving on to the “rib basket” region, our heart and lungs, circulatory and respiratory systems.

4. How the shoulders, arms and hands are connected to the upper region of the body.

5. The abdominal region and concepts of core, our digestive organs.

6. The pelvic region, organs, function and connections.

7. The legs. How the legs are connected, not just to the pelvis and the spine, but all the way up to the eyes and nose.

Class duration: 2 hours

When: TBC


  • Single drop in class: €27
  • Pack of 4 classes*: €100 (€25e per class)
    to be used within 90 days
  • 12 class series*: €270 (€22.5 per class)
    **to be used within the current semester

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