Philosophy of Yogasūtras

When? Every Sunday, 9-10:30 a.m.

Requirements to participate:

  • Attending at least 1 class per week with any teacher in the Iyengar tradition
  • Practicing at least 1 day per week on your own

Philosophy, Human Psychology, Politics, Religion, Nutrition, Anatomical Study, Medicine, Love, Physical exercise are usually studied and presented as different disciplines. Yoga Philosophy brings them all together as an Organic Whole, by emphasizing the Subject: the Knower. A Human Being is one whole entity. And hence one part affects the whole.

We, through our discussions, seek to look at the whole human.

In these sessions, we hold questions that seem impossible to be answered by a superficial mind. We seek to look deeper. Through discussions the questions trickles down in through the layers of generations of conditioning. Where will it take us? If we surrender the “known” and embrace the “unknown”, what would happen to the way we perceive ourselves and the world?