Sequence for the health of the respiratory system

We are proposing here a sequence that is directed towards maintaining a healthy respiratory system, which in turn provides a healthy circulatory, nervous, digestive, lymphatic and immune systems. However, it is very important to understand that it is not the sequence per say that brings health. It depends really on one’s regularity and depth in practice. It takes several years to understand and realise the meaning of health and then experience it. So when a sequence is suggested please know that it all depends on how each posture is done, with what understanding, how many years of practice you have, your level of practice, and what is your state of mind and nervous system. Health requires a total shift in perception and way of living, and is not acquired with money or at a pharmacy. 

This may also be practiced when the respiratory system is compromised due, for example, to the Covid-19 virus. If the symptoms are severe, practitioners should only practice poses 1 to 6. 

Inversions are essential to us practitioners. “They promote circulation and benefit all the body’s systems, especially the lymphatic system.” says Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher Dr. Lois Steinberg. “In general, the lymphatic system rids the body of toxins and waste, and it transports infection-attacking white blood cells to where they are needed. When the system is compromised, it can result in glandular swelling, inflammation in the arms and legs, recurring infections, and an otherwise weakened immune system. Inversions reduce inflammation and help to keep the system moving. The organs of the lymphatic system are the thymus, spleen, and lymph nodes. The thymus is a primary lymphoid organ and is in the upper front part of the chest directly behind the sternum and between the lungs. T cells mature in the thymus and these are critical to fight foreign invaders. The spleen sits to the left of the upper abdomen. It recycles old red blood cells and stores platelets and white blood cells. The white blood cells defend and protect the body against infectious disease. The lymph nodes are found throughout the body and are important for the proper functioning of the immune system. They are particularly concentrated in the neck, arm pits, the upper thighs and groin, the abdomen, and between the lungs. In advanced cases, Covid-19 settles in the upper and then the lower respiratory system and mucus builds up in the lungs. If you are experiencing a cough and mucus buildup, pranayama is contraindicated. It should be avoided until the mucus dries up and you have recovered.”