Sequence for the Holiday Season part 1 – asanas that help with digestion

We all know that the holiday season usually goes from yoga to bhoga very easily. Bhoga means enjoyment without restraint. We all sometimes, because of the ambience and joy of the festive season end up eating not only a little more than we usually do during the rest of the year but we also eat things that we don’t usually eat.

However, in the approach with which we practice, there is no excuse to not practice. Since asana is not really exercise, it caters to our needs whatever they may be. The practice when done with attention and care to our current needs can transform whatever our state of body and mind, and bring them to a state of lightness and clarity. Sometimes even if the eating has gone to such an extent that even with practice there is no clarity (better to avoid such behaviour for our own good), at least the practice can bring about a better digestion. Therefore we are sharing with you two sequences for the holiday season. 

Note: One is advised to wait at least 3 to 4 hours after a meal to practice. This first sequence can help us recover from our holiday eating habits.

Sequence 1

Part A – to relieve heaviness from eating too much

  1. Supta Vīrāsana or Supta Baddha Koṇāsana 
  2. Swastikāsana + Parvatāsana(x2) + Twist(x2) + Urdhva Hastasana(x2) with Brick
  3. Supta Swastikāsana (belt around thighs)
  4. Supta Pādāṅguśṭāsana 2 (with rolled blanket tucked under the side of the lateral-leg-buttock)
  5. Utthita Trikoṇāsana – Virabhadrāsana 2 – Ardha Candrāsana

Part B – To churn the organs and help move the contents by activating them

  1. Jaṭara Parivartanāsana (hands against wall, hair grazing the wall, fingers pointing towards oneself, brick between thighs to bring stability in the legs)(Do not descend the legs to the floor, control them to be close to the stomach and packed)
  2. Bharadwajāsana on floor or on chair (x2) (use wall to find stability and alignment)

Part C – Bring clarity of mind and help relax the overburdened digestive muscles and organs

  1. Chair Sarvāṅgāsana – Halāsana – Pārśva Halāsana
  2. Setu Bandha Sarvāṅgāsana on the bolster – Straight legs + Baddha Konasana 
  3. Śavāsana (with bolster under knees)

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