Sequence for the Holiday Season part 2 – rest your legs with sitting poses

This second sequence can help us massage and rest the legs which is much needed during this season as we usually stand for long hours in order to cook, clean and prepare the home and everything else to receive friends and family.

Note: one is usually advised to wait at least 3  to 4 hours after a meal to practice. You may practice this second sequence right after a meal, but Gomukhasana legs and forward extension movements must be avoided right after food (so skip these three until you have digested.)

Sequence 2

  1. Swastikāsana – Parvatāsana
  2. Vīrāsana – Parvatāsana
  3. Gomukhāsana (complete āsana)
  4. Upaviṣṭa Konāsana
  5. Pādāṅguśṭa Upaviṣṭa Konāsana
  6. Baddha Konāsana
  7. Danḍāsana
  8. Urdhva Hasta Danḍāsana (with or without belt around the wrists)
  9. Pādāṅguśṭa Danḍāsana
  10. Constructive Rest
  11. Legs up the wall

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